The Lee Robinson Co Featured

8:00pm EDT June 25, 2008

The gift of design has always been in

Lee W. Robinson.

Though he had already turned in an

impressive career in the bank industry by

his early 30s, Robinson, who earned his

college degree in economics and management but minored in art, knew that his

calling wasn’t in the financial business.

Instead, he took a risk when his mentor

at the bank where he was working retired, and he left the field. Without a new

job lined up or any solid career plans, he

went to New York to study design.

While there, his love of design was fully

sparked and his entrepreneurial light

turned on. Using his management skills,

Robinson acquired a business from a

retiring designer and took a new spin on

the industry. Many times, the design and

renovation process is cumbersome

because customers have to locate separate interior designers, architects and

subcontractors and then coordinate

each one’s efforts. Robinson’s vision was

a one-stop location where all three were

in one place, offering the customer the

convenience of letting The Lee Robinson

Co. coordinate everything.

With such a well-designed plan, the company quickly took off. Not only is it recognized as one of the fastest-growing companies in Louisville, but Robinson has also

been able to spread the company out,

branching into New York and Florida. In

just nine years, Robinson’s company has

adapted the way customers think about the

design industry, and despite troubles in the

housing market across the country, it has

grown significantly.

HOW TO REACH: The Lee W. Robinson Co., (502) 895-1401 or