Change of pace Featured

8:00pm EDT June 25, 2008

Rishabh Mehrotra is a born entrepreneur.

From the time he arrived in the U.S. from India at the age of 17, he funded his education at Tufts University with business start-ups. First, he started a magazine geared toward new college students; Mehrotra got the publication off the ground by selling ads during the day and then writing the copy at night.

Later, he got backing from university alumni and created a futon company that delivered and purchased futons from a network of 15 universities.

And so, when SHPS Inc. called on Mehrotra to help turn things around in 2006, he brought that spirit with him. SHPS, an independent provider of integrated health solutions to improve personal health and reduce spending, was mired in a slump of its own making. Mehrotra arrived and quickly found that what was suffocating the company was actually internal problems. Cleaning house, he replaced almost 90 percent of the management team within his first 30 days. Such a stark cleanup could have a negative effect on a company, but Mehrotra’s instincts were right. Giving his employees a fresh start, he instilled his entrepreneurial sense in the company and set new standards of expectations. With a new direction from the top, the company opened up new lines of communication and feedback.

As a result, SHPS is driving more and more business to its core segment, as it acquired 30 new health clients in 2007. That new business meant more than 2 million new members.

HOW TO REACH: SHPS Inc., or (502) 267-4900