The List Featured

8:00pm EDT October 26, 2008

Search Engine Experts

1776 Mentor Ave. Cincinnati, OH 45212

(513) 259-1126

Specializes in SEO. Provides monthly progress reports to clients

Upright Communications

430 Reading Road Cincinnati, OH 45202

Promotes SEO through Web site design and keywordsFocuses on increasing revenue through visitor conversions

Cincinnati Solutions

P.O. Box 14776 Cincinnati, OH 45250

(513) 604-3482

Promotes SEO through Web site content/designProvides SEO and SEM services

Purple Trout LLC

110 Ridgeway Ave. Fort Thomas, KY 41075

(513) 885-5000

Specialize in SEO, content development and link building Offer webinars and provide case studies to help focus best onlinemarketing strategy

WSI Cincinnati Internet Marketing & Consulting

5710 Wooster Pike, Suite 203 Cincinnati, OH 45227

(513) 272-3484

Produces eReports and eNewsletters to advise and update clientson new SEO information Boasts 20 years of business experience in the local marketplace

Justice & Young

6925 Valley Ave., Suite 200 Cincinnati, OH 45244

(513) 388-4700

Helps position companies for future growth through complete marketing strategy Uses a combination of SEO and other marketing techniques tomaximize results

Cincinnati Site Solutions

674 Amber Trail Cincinnati, OH 45244

(513) 373-5001

Monitors clients’ site to devise patented SEO plan Focuses on keywords and Web site content to optimize site traffic

JP Design

3833 St. Johns Terrace Cincinnati, OH 45236

Offers SEO and Web design servicesMonitors site and provides a customer report

Valley Solutions Inc.

7419 Kingsgate Way, Suite A West Chester, OH 45069

(513) 755-7766

Specializes in SEO and Web design Claims customers have a combined 250,000 visitors to sites permonth

Pixels & Dots

3181 Linwood Ave., Suite 25 Cincinnati, OH 45208

(513) 651-9322

Specializes in SEO combined with Web site design Uses keywords and tracking software to monitor clients’ site visibility/traffic