3 Questions Featured

7:00pm EDT February 23, 2010

Kay Nelson has almost a quarter of a century of experience in the event management and event planning industry. As the owner and president of eventsetc Inc., she is able to draw on that experience working with clients, vendors, caterers and venues. She has been recognized previously as one of the top event planners in and around Cincinnati.

Q. Why should a business work with an event management firm?

We’ve become a society that’s so connected to technology. People send e-mails to other people who are two doors down, people text each other when they’re sitting next to each other. It has become a society of people who are not connecting. That’s the whole point of events. You’re trying to unify your clients and to have them stay in touch with you. Now, more than ever, events give you the opportunity to remain in contact, and that never goes away. They also allow you to show your appreciation for the people who have helped you get business or the people who have helped you grow your business.

Q. What are some of the challenges that a business faces when working with an event management firm in this economy?

I can’t think of any challenge anybody has that is more important than chemistry. The client has to enjoy working with someone like me. If you don’t connect, you’re not going to hire that person. But the challenge as related to the economy, there really isn’t one. Because most companies, if they’ve reduced or downsized the number of their employees, but still need to have an event, that means that everybody who is there is already working two or three jobs, so they don’t have the time to another job, and to do it correctly. In the end, they will probably save money by bringing in someone like me.

Q. Other than quality events and the ability to remain on budget, what important values and assets can an event management firm provide for a business?

They have one person to answer to instead of seven vendors they don’t know. They have one check to write. They build a relationship with one person, so there is that trust there.