Right timing Featured

8:00pm EDT June 25, 2010
Business Services

Raymond Bohac understands where speed and timing gets you.

A high school graduate in the peak of the technology boom, Bohac decided to forego college feeling the training would put him behind once he entered the IT industry. He opted for several IT certifications and began working as a programmer at a call center outsourcer.

Once again, he quickly learned the need for speed. Bohac saw a software issue that was limiting adaptability and causing the company more man hours than needed to provide new customers with the proper call recording software. Realizing the company could make changes to become more efficient, Bohac pitched his idea to his employer. Ultimately, he was denied.

That idea is now CallCopy Inc., a provider of work force optimization solutions for call centers. Still Bohac’s sense of urgency in understanding the market and meeting customer needs has carried over to CallCopy.

When the company was founded in 2004, Bohac and his team had about two weeks of pay in the bank. They quickly signed their first client, and under Bohac’s leadership as president and CEO, the company has doubled in size and growth since its inception. CallCopy has seen recent expansion into the United Kingdom and Latin America.

Bohac believes CallCopy’s differentiation among competitors in the marketplace is its quality service and its speed in getting results for customers. While CallCopy’s competitors can take weeks to provide customers quotes, CallCopy promises quotes within hours or days. Bohac has built a culture around being responsive to client needs, which includes an online forum for customers to provide feedback and share best practices.

While CallCopy is very much linked to Bohac’s entrepreneurial prowess, he contributes much of the company’s success to his team. The employees have contributed to the company vision, and monthly team outings and daily morning huddles have developed camaraderie and effectiveness.

How to reach: CallCopy Inc., (888) 922-5526 or www.callcopy.com