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8:00pm EDT June 25, 2010
Supporter of Entrepreneurship

Rob Daly put more than 75,000 miles on his car in 1993 because he refused to miss his son’s games. Daly was busy starting a telecommunications company in Cleveland, called CBG, but he wanted his family to stay in Cincinnati, where they were comfortable.

His determination and long hours in the car paid off. Daly sold the company after three and a half years, while it was doing $78 million in sales. He was there to cheer his son on at every game.

Daly strives to do what is right for the people in his life, whether they are family, friends or clients. Daly’s mentoring spirit guides him to spend about 15 pro bono hours every week advising budding entrepreneurs. The other three partners of his current company, Silverstone Advisors, often tease him about his penchant for working free of charge.

Daly is glad to do it anyway. He says his energy it takes to do things like drive 75,000 miles in one year, comes directly from surrounding himself with passionate, young entrepreneurs. Mentoring young people is also a way for Daly to give back. Daly credits much of his success to the bright people who were willing to help when he was just starting out. His ability to make rational choices is what he tries to pass on to his clients.

Although he has a friendly smile and a willingness to help others, and that makes Daly very approachable, he is also a shrewd businessperson at heart. In addition to CBG and Silverstone Advisors, this serial entrepreneur successfully launched a handful of other companies. Currently, he is the director at Thinkvine Inc., SAAS Capital, Diamond Fiber Composites and Cardinal Solutions. Daly also sits on the Board of the Entrepreneurship Institute of Northern Kentucky University.

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