Jewish Community Federation Featured

7:00pm EDT December 26, 2010

Nonprofit Executive Director of the Year Award

As CEO of the Jewish Community Federation of Cincinnati, Shepard “Shep” Englander has restructured the organization to be more collaborative, competitive, transparent and responsive to its community and partners. Since his arrival in 2004, he has helped the organization fulfill its mission to care for those in need, rescue those in harm’s way and renew and strengthen the community in Cincinnati, in Israel and around the world.

The federation is charged with building community resources, leadership and trust. The organization was founded on the Jewish people’s commitment to “tzedekah,” the concept that it is righteous and just to do right by others. Since its inception 114 years ago, the federation has been helping to create a spirit of giving and hope, both locally and around the world.

Under the direction of Englander, the federation’s Annual Community Campaign supports the programs and services of more than 32 partner agencies that care for thousands of people, both locally and around the world. These programs build community, helping to ensure and secure a vibrant Jewish community in Cincinnati.

The federation’s work is divided into three areas: building resources and investing them wisely, as each year, it raises more than $5 million; building leadership and participation by helping to ensure a vibrant, engaged community that is educated about its Jewish heritage and connected to its Jewish identity through travel to Israel; and building trust and collaboration by responding to community concerns, fostering collaboration among local Jewish organizations and by serving as a resource for local organizations and media groups.

In addition, in January 2010, the federation held one of its largest fundraisers of the year, surpassing its goal of raising $250,000 to help fund its food pantry to provide meals for seniors and provide job help through its career program.

Under Englander’s leadership, the federation has become a national leader and was named a winner of the Jewish Communal Service Association of North America’s national cost-savings contest for implementing innovative optimization initiatives in the form of measures that can be duplicated among other organizations. It was recognized for its Community Efficiencies Group initiative, which included developing innovative collaborative strategies, generating ideas for external partnerships and assisting partner agencies and congregations.

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