Treating it like their own Featured

7:00pm EDT December 26, 2010

At PowerNet Global, President and CEO Bernie Stevens and his team of employees believe that their business is a gift from God, and without him, they would not be able to continually give back a percentage of their profits to local communities and other ministries around the world.

Instead of taking an approach that centers on just their business and PowerNet Global, employees treat the company’s finances as their own, and on their own, they give, so as a company they give. In fact, they’ve given to or participated in 86 different ministries. But their generosity is more than just in their pocketbooks. They also give of themselves. Employees are able to use eight hours of their work time per calendar year as “charitable PTO” to volunteer in their communities with the charity of their choosing.

“I think it’s awesome that PNG not only gives us paid time off to do volunteer work but encourages it, as well,” says Adam Walton, a carrier development manager for the company who volunteered at the Healing Center at the Vineyard Church. “This isn’t something the company throws on a marketing slick to show what a well rounded organization we are, but something they actually want you to do. Additionally, I’ve always found it to be gratifying that the company doesn’t boast of these volunteer achievements.”

One of the most admirable things about their efforts is that PNG employees aren’t out there doing things and making sure that the cameras are on them and that everyone in the community knows about their good deeds. Instead, they take an approach that they’ll let the good works speak for themselves.

While the company encourages employees to volunteer, it also supports them in their endeavors, as well. Employees are constantly holding fundraisers to support each other’s efforts, and the company has sponsored at least 30 of its own people in the Heart Mini Marathon Run or Walk each spring. Employees also donate their own new or gently used items to sell in a company yard sale each fall, and the proceeds from the sale go to the Susan G. Komen Foundation for Breast Cancer Research.

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