Look no further for a speaker Featured

10:04am EDT July 22, 2002
Are you tired of hearing the same old canned buzzwords on the rubber-chicken circuit? Had enough of your company grabbing the sales director's brother-in-law at the last minute to paste together inspirational speeches for the sales force?

If so, you'd do well to check out the Web site of the Ohio Speakers Association. It lists more than 100 professional speakers, and includes personal information, specialized topics and brief descriptions of their background.

Speakers range from the intriguing - "the funny English prof" - to the goofy: a woman who bills herself as a "nationally recognized image and etiquette expert" and "former international model" and a man whose chief credential appears to be winning the Toastmasters International Speech Contest. There are morticians nicknamed "Digger" and priests who compare themselves to the late minister of hug, Leo Buscaglia. There's even a guy who humbly describes his presentations as a "pep rally for the human spirit."

The association's Web site is www.ohiospeakers.com.