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Dan T. Moore’s current portfolio Featured

10:06am EDT July 22, 2002

Here are some of the companies Dan Moore is involved with, either as a sole owner, part of an ownership group or as a consultant:

  • Dan T. Moore Co., owner
    R&D and acquisition company; also produces rubber products

  • Soundwich, owner
    Manufactures energy-dampening polymers

  • Flow Polymers Inc., owner
    Manufactures heat-dispersing products.

  • Perfect Impression, owner
    Manufactures specialty shoe inserts

  • Advanced Ceramics Corp., chairman, head of ownership group
    Develops and engineers specialty ceramics materials

  • Team Wendy, consultant
    Manufactures impact-absorbing helmets; owned by Moore’s daughter, Halle Moore, and named for daughter Wendy, who died from head injuries sustained in a ski accident.

  • Whiskey Island Partners, managing Partner
    Marina development on the Cuyahoga River.