The ultimate company car Featured

10:05am EDT July 22, 2002

Bob Anderson swears he didn't buy his $85,000 Hummer just to tool around town and impress the locals. That would be easy to do, if you consider that the 7,000-pound all-terrain vehicle drives over and through just about anything in its path. "Some people use them as status symbols," says Anderson. "But we really work the thing."

And considering Anderson's business-Kingsville-based Plateau Energy Corp.-is involved in oil and gas exploration and development, that's not just lip service. His Hummer is put to the test every day. "We're in the full range of dirt," says Anderson, whose work often takes him into areas with no established roads. "We took a real beating on our pickup trucks and needed something that could withstand hauling loads up and down mountains."

So, after seven years of fixing and replacing those trucks, Anderson bought a Hummer this year. "I don't anticipate any breakdowns," he says. "The thing's a tank. It works for a living."