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10:06am EDT July 22, 2002

GoldMine Software Corp.
Pacific Palisades, Calif.
(800) 654-3526
GoldMine offers a solid core of flexible contact management and extensive workgroup capabilities with sales force automation functionality. The program’s tools manage every facet of prospect/client information. It blends Internet e-mail and Web data capture, opportunity management, day and time scheduling, sales management and reporting to effectively manage any team. Features include customizable database structures, mass fax/mail merging capabilities, sales forecasting, branching telemarketing scripts, history tracking, pager support and remote data synchronization.

UF-770i Internet fax

Panasonic Office Products Co.
Secaucus, N.J.
(800) 742-8086
The Panafax UF-770i is designed to reduce phone charges for organizations that send frequent global and long-distance faxes. It is a hardware-based solution that sends and receives documents, pictures, photos, handwritten messages and e-mail over the Internet by pressing a “one touch” key. Instead of entering a telephone number, the user dials in an e-mail address on the keypad. By sending Internet faxes, an organization saves on its phone bill because long-distance telephone charges are virtually eliminated.

HourTrack ’98

Vitrix Inc.
Phoenix, Ariz.
(800) 561-6366
HourTrack ’98 is an automated time, attendance and employee scheduling system designed for small to medium-sized offices. It eliminates time clocks, manual time-sheet calculations and also makes manual data entry obsolete. With this software, employees can clock in using a PC, on a local area network, with a magnetic swipe card reader; or, for ultimate security, with a fingerprint ID unit. Employees can specify which project they will be working on when they clock in. Overtime, sick time, personal time and vacation time are calculated automatically.

PC Stamp

Hayward, Calif.
(800) 624-7892
$10 monthly lease for hardware
Software not yet priced
PC Stamp produces stamps, represented as two-dimensional bar codes or “indicia,” to be printed by a standard PC as substitutes for going to the post office to buy stamps. It will certify up to 300 names and addresses per second over phone line or the Internet. About the size of a PC modem, the product attaches to a desktop computer through a standard port. After the user selects an icon on the screen, the computer prompts the user to input information including the address and the postage required. By attaching a digital scale to the system, the correct postage is automatically calculated by the PC without requiring user input.


Software Design Associates
White Hall, Md.
(717) 235-3517
Easy-Catalog has been specifically designed to enable small to midsized retailers to easily develop catalog style pages for their Websites. Each page can contain a picture of the product, a text description, pricing information and ordering instructions. It is based on a shop model to help the merchant set up his or her Website the same way a store or printed catalog would be organized. The product requires no previous programming experience.

Microsoft Publisher 98

Redmond, Wash.
(800) 426-9400
Microsoft Publisher makes personal publishing fast and easy through the use of automated, intelligent design and design elements. Publisher goes beyond making desktop publishing easy to learn and use by automating the design process itself, giving users help and guidance during every stage. Publisher has more than 60 color schemes preselected to look good together, allowing users to find one that fits their identity. AutoConvert will take a finished product, such as a brochure, and convert the design elements to another format, such as a newsletter or even a Website. Other features include automatic copy-fitting, logo creation help, and design wizards.

PR Now

Bawlmer Communications Inc.
Baltimore, Md.
(888) 807-7669
PR Now is a public relations audio and guidebook package that details the creative and practical steps involved in helping small businesses work with the media to secure print exposure. The product explores what is newsworthy; how stories can be submitted and followed up; when story timing has the greatest impact; and what constitutes an honest and ethical approach. A business can also learn to use the results from print coverage. The majority of small-business owners do not realize the influence local, regional and trade publications have on those who would use their businesses.

LinXpeed Pro

Virtual Access
Fairfax, Va.
(703) 934-6180
Starts at $579
This unique technology provides a new-market opportunity for service providers to deliver managed customer premise equipment to businesses seeking high-speed voice and data services. LinXpeed Pro’s unique autoconfiguring Activating technology allows network suppliers to automatically install and remotely manage the equipment, providing managed high-speed connectivity services to small and midsize companies and telecommuters. Once the service provider has installed an ISDN line, the customer simply connects two cables, plugs in the equipment, and turns on the power. The Active Router then automatically places a call to the Activator and requests its software and configuration from the service provider. When the software has been downloaded and automatically installed, the unit is operational.