An ounce of prevention is protection Featured

10:08am EDT July 22, 2002
One of the last things you think about could be one of the most important: workplace safety. It's less costly to prevent accidents than to pay hefty workers' comp bills or OSHA fines after they occur.

Rob Medlock, OSHA area director, says there's no quick cure for eliminating workplace hazards. But he suggests a few things you can do to lower the risks:

n Check electrical wiring. Make sure equipment is properly grounded. Also check if temporary wiring is being used in lieu of permanent wiring. That's a common mistake, Medlock says.

n Provide protective equipment. Is there the potential of something getting in an employee's eye, being dropped on a toe or splashed in someone's face? Medlock says employers can help prevent injuries by providing safety gear such as aprons, glasses, face shields, hard hats, gloves or safety-toed footwear.

Developing an in-house safety program is imperative to ensure a safe work environment, Medlock says. For more information contact OSHA's free on-site consultation service at (800) 671-6858, or visit its Website at: