Manufacturing labor Featured

10:09am EDT July 22, 2002

Manufacturing labor

By Dustin S. Klein

It's no secret that good workers are getting hard to find. In Lake County, one group of manufacturers has taken a chapter from the MBA texts to do something about it: develop a just-in-time labor force.

The Alliance of Independent Manufacturers has teamed with the Auburn Career Center in Lake County to "pre-train" potential workers. The 100-hour course offers training in safety, teamwork, blueprint reading and other simple skills needed in a manufacturing facility environment, says Suzzane Gucciardo, adult-education supervisor at Auburn.

"The idea is that they can be hired and already have an idea of the type of work they'll need to do," Gucciardo says. "They will get to know what manufacturing is."

The classes are taught by volunteer personnel from A.I.M.'s member companies. Students also get the chance to meet the staff of several A.I.M. members and tour their facilities.

The program has just begun, and has about 20 students so far. For more information, contact Auburn Career Center at (440) 357-7542.