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11:15am EDT July 31, 2002
Recruiting employees has always been a time-consuming task, but the Internet has proven to be a cost-effective and efficient way to make the connection between employer and job candidates.

The number of companies using some form of online recruiting has risen 8 percent since last year, to a total of 57 percent, according to the SBN/ERC Workplace Practices Survey.

Pioneer-Standard Electronics uses a variety of online recruiting tools, including its own Web site, the regional and the national job sites.

"We use the online sites for a couple of reasons," says Pam Noble, director of strategic staffing for Pioneer-Standard. "We want to make sure the candidates are technologically savvy. We want to make sure they know how to use the PC and that they understand technology."

Qualified candidates usually make up a higher proportion of the online applicants than of those replying to newspaper ads, according to Noble. With newspaper ads, only about 50 percent of applicants are qualified, while with online applicants, that number jumps to between 70 percent and 80 percent.

Nobles says candidates who come directly through the Pioneer-Standard site tend to be the best, because they have sought out the company and usually have a better understanding of it and what it does.

While online ads have their strengths, traditional newspaper ads have their place as well.

"What method we use does depend on the position," says Noble. "Sometimes we utilize both, other times we decide to just go online. It all depends on the type of position and the location.

"Online is really great when you are working with multiple facilities, because the word gets out quickly. An individual in California can see the opportunities available immediately rather than having to wait and buy a paper."

Even with all the advantages of online recruiting, one type of advertising still can't be beat: Word of mouth.

"Our biggest recruitment tool is still through word of mouth," says Noble. "It's usually a case of a manager or other employee knowing a particular individual in the marketplace. It's probably our strongest recruiting area." How to reach: Pioneer-Standard Electronics,