Ups and downs Featured

7:04am EDT August 30, 2002

(Ups) to Targeting Customer Safety Inc. In July, the Akron firm supplied the two-way communications probe that acted as a telephone lifeline for the Pennsylvania miners trapped underground. The probe was designed to help rescuers locate victims at the bottoms of wells, as well as victims of earthquakes, hurricanes, avalanches and building collapses.

(Downs) to drugmakers that continue to find ways to beat the patent system, keeping generic drugs off the market and gouging consumers for even more money. You would think that 20 years of profit-making would be sufficient to recoup R&D costs and line drug companies' pockets with profits. Lawmakers need to close the loopholes and get prescription drug costs under control.

(Ups) to Steris Corp. The Mentor firm has renewed a $300,000 grant to University Hospitals of Cleveland to research strategies and technologies that could prevent infectious diseases from spreading among patients in hospitals. The money is a continuation of a $300,000 grant that Steris gave UH in 1999, and will be used to fund research at UH's Division of Infectious Diseases for three years.