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Ahead of the pack Featured

1:24pm EDT June 22, 2004
Rick and Lisa Thomas have kept CardPak focused on customer needs to keep their company ahead of the competition.

Since purchasing controlling ownership of the company in 1997, CardPak has grown from $12 million in sales to $25 million and has increased its work force from 50 to 150.

Their mission for the company is "to be recognized as the most customer-focused company in the industry." To accomplish this, they've implemented these strategies.

* Invest in state-of-the-art equipment.

* Determine and implement leading-edge processes.

* Provide a working environment that respects employees and encourages safety.

* Change the industry standard for response and turnaround time for customer orders.

* Continually improve and make use of alternative business strategies to promote company excellence internally and externally.

CardPak's passion for customer satisfaction led to the development of an industry first, the Xpress Combo, a four-day turnaround on customer orders, compared to the industry standard of four weeks. The company has redefined the industry and enabled its customers to efficiently respond to the demands of the retail industry.

The Thomases also plan to implement a multifaceted management and professional employee training and development program in 2005. The program will allow for educational advancement opportunities for employees with continued responsibility toward the strengthening of CardPak's diverse work force. This will further support the company's tradition of internal promotions and the development of employees who have a strong understanding of the industry and the skills required to promote growth.

Devotion to employee development and growth will be the foundation for the implementation of the strategic plan and future vision. How to reach: CardPak (440) 542-3100 or www.cardpak.com