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Tool school Featured

6:05am EDT July 1, 2004
Gone are the days of choosing between using your hands or your brain. Thanks to Tooling University, you are encouraged and expected to use both.

Founders of the breakthrough concept, Jack Schron Jr., president, and his son, Chad Schron, vice president, saw the idea for Tooling U grow out of necessity. The men noticed a serious lack of apprenticeship programs and vocational education, a problem that needed addressing.

Enter Tooling University.

Through the Web-based school, students can take classes 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Subjects include metalworking and stamping, drilling, basic shop skills from math and measurements all the way to inspection, and several disciplines in between.

Students across the country are benefiting from this industrial and manufacturing education, and the Schrons say the number of companies inquiring about and using the software is growing. The curriculum uses photos, drawings, charts, motion picture video and audio to convey material.

Course software is expertly written and designed; Tooling U uses a design team to create the programming, involving writers who have a master's degree in English or education, teamed with an industry expert who works with the subject matter.

The results speak for themselves. By implementing continuing education, companies can see a smarter, more productive and informed work force, which translates into a more efficient workplace, and finally ends up on the customers bottom line.

The Schrons are ahead of curve with their concept, proving that even in education, you can't be afraid to get your hands dirty. How to reach: Tooling U, (216) 706-6600 or www.toolingu.com