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9:55am EDT January 24, 2005
Offering good products at competitive prices with good delivery service used to be the keys for distributors, but today's manufacturing customers also want an organization that can react to their specific needs.

This is what motivates RAF Automation and its co-owner and president, Thomas Koly.

Originally focused on pneumatic and hydraulic products, the company has added robotic, vision, electrical motion and control products to its line. Within the RAF building, three areas have been developed to give customers a visual, hands-on understanding of products, systems and software.

A training room provides customer training on vision products. An electrical lab allows RAF to mimic a customer's system requirements, incorporate fluid power components, analyze communications among various manufacturers' products and demonstrate coordinated motions and data acquisition. RAF also developed a robot demonstration area that includes a pneumatic mechanical pick and place, a three-axis pneumatic servo system, a three-axis cartisian robot, a SCARA robot, a hollow-ring index table and a six-axis articulating robot.

Behind the scenes, RAF processes EDI transactions, accepts various credit card purchases and provides Country of Origin certificates for its multinational customers. All of RAF's sales and service personnel are connected to the Internet, and e-mail, links to manufacturers' Web sites and online tracking also make the company a valuable customer partner.


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