Tips for finding the right spot Featured

10:32am EDT February 24, 2005
John Bukovnik, president of Easy2 Technologies, recommends doing the following if you are looking to relocate.

* Find a landlord who is interested in you and your business. "The building owner was actually there to meet with us and wanted to know more about our company and took an interest in who we are, and that made a world of difference," says Bukovnik.

* Set aside time. "Don't underestimate the amount of time it is going to take," says Bukovnik.

* Plan and schedule. Phone service, furniture delivery, assembly and other details all need to be scheduled and kept on time.

* Get employees involved. "We tried to get all employees involved in the decision process," says Bukovnik. "For example, our people were involved in the color selection of the walls and the site location selection."

* Make decisions. "Make it clear that, as president, you are the tie-breaker," says Bukovnik. "People can get stalemated on things. You can't afford to have it hold up the process."

* Don't let it interfere with day-to-day operations. "Don't forget why you are in business while in the midst of this," says Bukovnik.