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10:10am EDT June 29, 2005

Adam DeFrancesco founded Omni Systems in 1989 to meet what he saw as a growing need for bar code labels and printers.

He identified a trend of large retailers requiring suppliers to use bar codes on their products to expedite distribution. But when he approached a large appliance manufacturer and offered his services, it rejected him and his ideas of how barcoding could help it.

The tables quickly turned when, a few days later, the company called asking for help with bar codes to meet the newly implemented requirements of a major retailer.

DeFrancesco recognized he needed to differentiate himself from the competition.

"I noticed through my installing bar code printers in manufacturing facilities that the most important thing was to produce a readable bar code," says DeFrancesco.

Many variables can contribute to errors, including hardware, software and supply problems. Vendors were pointing fingers at each other, and customers were frustrated.

To solve this problem, DeFrancesco offered free, on-site, next-day repairs for all of his equipment. He describes the business model as a sort of "bar coding insurance." Customers pay their premiums by purchasing Omni equipment and supplies, and know that if something goes wrong, someone will take care of it within 24 hours at no charge.

With customers all over the United States, DeFrancesco took advantage of existing service centers to meet customer demands.

"I simply bought annual maintenance contracts from these individuals and dispatched them when I need service," says DeFrancesco. "We have coordinated huge projects this way, including several hundred bar code printers located in several hundred plants for a single manufacturer with offices throughout North America."

Omni is already focused on the next innovation, smart label technology, and has partnered with Texas Instruments to meet the future needs of its clients.

How to reach: Omni Systems, (216) 377-5160