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6:19am EDT June 29, 2006
Kenneth Bevington III was already in a leadership position at a company when he decided he could do better on his own.

He started out working part-time from his home, then took a leave of absence from his employer to complete a large plastic die job for a customer. By the time he was finished, word had spread about how well he did that job, so that he had enough additional orders to start working at it full time, and Princeton Tool was born.

His original vision was for a small company with four to six employees that would specialize in creating molds. As the company continued to develop, he changed his model to match the direction of the growth of the company, getting more involved in CNC and EDM work. A process for multiple-piece production was introduced to increase capacity and get away from the one-piece-at-a-time strategy that many others use.

Princeton Tool has now grown to 55 machines with 37 employees running three shifts around the clock.

The company’s competitive edge comes from keeping costs down and promising a lot but delivering more. It constantly adds engineering and tooling changes to production without passing the cost on to the customer. Overtime is worked to meet customer demands without passing on those costs.

Bevington says the sky is the limit as far as the company’s future growth potential. Princeton Tool is nearing the end of the process to become ISO 9000 and NADCAP certified, which will open up additional avenues of growth that had not been available before.

Long-term contracts have been lined up with current customers, product lines have been diversified for better work flow and the company owns adjacent land to its current building for future expansion when needed.

How to reach: Princeton Tool, (440) 823-0919