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Change is not always good Featured

8:00pm EDT July 26, 2007

While a company may have good intentions in changing health care providers, doing so on a year-after-year basis rarely produces good results.

“It’s just not good for the employees,” says Nick Giancola, district manager for Administaff’s Cleveland office. “If I am a concerned employee, even if it’s about which doctor I’m going to go to or will my doctor be in the new plan or not be in the new plan, I become concerned. Typically, when somebody is concerned, they are less productive.”

As business owners assess their company’s health care plans, they need to ask themselves whether their plan is helping the company move forward and enabling the business to attract, retain and motivate the best people.

“If it is not, I would ask myself the question why not, and what do we need to do to get it in line with our business strategy,” Giancola says. “Morally, I would love to be able to pay 100 percent for all the benefits for my people. Financially, my company can’t do it. Somewhere, the business owner must determine where the point is that they can afford.”

Companies need to figure out how well their plan matches up with employee needs. “Maybe they don’t have a plan that’s rich enough to attract the type of employee that they are looking for or to retain them,” Giancola says. “The other side of that coin is maybe they have a plan that is too rich for what they need.”

One option smaller companies can consider is working with a professional employer organization, which can offer big-company benefits to smaller organizations.

“If a small company has access to the same kind of benefits that larger corporations offer, the playing field to attract, retain and motivate top talent becomes equal,” Giancola says.

Company leaders need to sit down and determine what aspects of a health care package are most important to their organization and how the plan fits in within the budget.

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