Ups and downs Featured

12:34pm EDT April 25, 2003
(Ups) to Beachwood Place. The upscale mall got itself a hired gun in the Grappler Group to spearhead an aggressive media campaign. Beachwood Place's move comes months before the high-profile fall opening of Legacy Village on former TRW property in Lyndhurst and will help keep the mall in the public eye, and reducing the risk of lost market share when Legacy opens across the street.

(Ups) to OAI. The Ohio Aerospace Institute hired William Seelbach as interim president to replace Michael Salkind, who left last year. Seelbach, a venture capitalist, former president of Brush Engineered Materials and well-known business mind, is a natural fit for an organization that facilitates partnerships among public, private and government organizations in the name of furthering traditional industry.

(Ups) to Cleveland's business and government leaders. The two groups stopped bickering over the proposed location of a new convention center to focus on a Cuyahoga County 4.5-mill health and human services levy that voters will decide on May 6. While there's no proof a convention center would spark economic activity downtown, the levy's passage is crucial to the city's ability to support much-needed public services.

(Ups) to University Circle Inc. for hiring Terri Hamilton Brown as its president to lead the efforts to develop University Circle. Brown, who is leaving a job at Cleveland Metro Housing Authority, where she picked up the pieces after numerous scandals, is the first woman president to serve UCI since its founding in 1957.