Green for good Featured

7:00pm EDT January 26, 2009

With far too many brownfields and too much landfill waste in this region, Northeast Ohio needs more organizations like The Taylor Cos.

The company took on those challenges to help make this region a better place to live and work.

The company has not just dabbled in going green but jumped in with both feet with three major green initiatives.

The first, land revitalization, demonstrated Taylor’s leadership in green initiatives to Northeast Ohio.

In 2004, Taylor worked with city, county, state and federal officials to remediate and revitalize an abandoned brownfield in Bedford, Ohio. Taylor was the only company to participate in this process.

The effort enhanced a 50-acre parcel that was essentially dead both aesthetically and economically. Now, it is a productive commerce park where employees enjoy their working environment and the community is grateful the blight has been removed.

The other major initiative, zero-waste manufacturing, demonstrates Taylor’s leadership within its industry.

That initiative took place after the company moved in to its new facilities in Bedford and helped with the reduction in consumption of natural resources.

The company took great care in selecting energy-efficient equipment and followed much of the advice contained in a subsequent energy audit. The result was a 59 percent reduction in natural resource consumption.

Finally, Taylor made a concerted effort to reduce its impact on local landfills. The company focused its efforts on redirecting production waste away from landfills. Consequently, all of its sawdust and wood scraps are composted, scrap leather is upcycled to make purses and wallets, and scrap fabric, cardboard, paper, post-consumer plastic and aluminum are recycled.

This strategy has redirected more than 90 percent of Taylor’s waste away from landfills. Most importantly, all of the company’s employees participate in this process every day.

These initiatives have greatly impacted the local environment. The efforts cast the company in a better light within its industry and will give Taylor a competitive edge for two reasons: One, efforts in the field of sustainability lowered operating costs and increased margins. Two, more and more buyers are including “green” in their purchasing criteria. The company’s unique story will set them apart from the competition, above and beyond product.

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