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Influence with ease Featured

9:34am EDT July 22, 2002

How do your employees respond when you, a customer or a co-worker ask them to do something?

Untrained employees use phrases like, "OK," "I'll try" or "I'll do my best."

All of these responses are adequate, but do you want your company to be thought of as having merely adequate customer service?

Trained professionals, on the other hand, use language that conveys confidence, capability, and willingness to pitch in. They respond to requests with two simple words: "No problem."

"No problem" conveys to your customers -- and you -- that the task at hand will be handled effortlessly and diligently. It's another way of increasing the perceived value of your business ... without working harder. Jeff Mowatt (jmowatt@attglobal.net) is a 20-year veteran of the service industry who develops training tapes and consults with business owners looking to improve their staff's service. He can be reached at (800) 566-9288.