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Speed of sound Featured

9:41am EDT July 22, 2002
You can almost see Noah Webster spinning in his grave. Technology has driven new words into the dictionary at, well, e-speed.

Of course, it’s that very technology that allows the folks at Webster’s to keep up with the pace, so maybe we can call it an even swap. The latest wave pushing the lexicon envelope is the Web-accessible phone. The folks at Airtouch Cellular have compiled a new list of phrases to introduce their new mobile Web service.

Are you ready for a little language lesson?

Old: Internet browser

New: Microbrowser (it fits on your phone)

Old: My phone ... is a phone

New: My phone is a calendar, to-do list, address book, Web browser ... and a phone.

Old: PDA (personal digital assistant)

New: Smartphone (PDA functionality integrated with phone, fax and Internet access)

Old: Typing

New: Triple Tap (messaging on a phone by tapping the numeric keys to get the desired alpha symbol)

Old: Wired

New: Unwired or untethered (still tapped in, but not with cables)

Old: “My Internet connection is faster than yours.”

New: “My wireless Internet device is smaller than yours.”

Old: Pull (extract information — user initiated)

New: Push (info sent to your phone by personalized Internet service in addition to “pulling”)

Old: Your favorite site

New: Your own tailored site on your Web browser phone

Old: Info when you want it

New: Info where (and when) you want it

Old: Surfing from your office

New: Surfing while waiting in line for coffee

Old: Sitting down for a session on the Web

New: Mobile Web

Old: Point & click

New: Tap & scroll

Old: E-mail me

New: Message me

Old: Keyboards

New: Keypads

How to reach: Airtouch Cellular, (800) AIRTOUCH

Daniel G. Jacobs (djacobs@sbnnet.com) is senior editor of SBN.