Planning the move checklist Featured

9:43am EDT July 22, 2002
Moving into a new building requires extensive planning and detail. Here are five major steps for any expansion process:

1. Site selection — Decide what you want from the site. When Verne McClelland and partner Bill Tyers, owners of Moving Solutions Inc., settled on a property in Mentor, three major factors were involved — value appreciation, safety and expandability.

“We bought a 10-acre site and only built five of it,” McClelland says.

2. Smart financing — Don’t overextend your company’s coffers. It’s better to wait until the time is right. And don’t underestimate your needs. McClelland and Tyers originally planned to build their new structure about six years ago, but ran the numbers and realized they couldn’t afford the expansion they wanted.

When their cash flow improved, they secured a bank loan, including a $100,000 contingency for cost overruns that was never used.

3. Choose a builder — Finding the right builder is essential not only to the quality of the project, but also to the degree of the business owners’ satisfaction. The bottom line is that you must feel comfortable with both the builder and the contract.

4. Architectural planning — Many owners don’t have the time or energy to get involved in the details of their new building. When they see what the architect has done, are not happy and try to make changes, costs skyrocket. Spending significant time in the planning stages is the key to a successful project.

5. Execute the move — Planning the move is the final stage. Moving Solutions Inc. delivered 200 truckloads of materials, including 50,000 storage boxes, from the record storage operation. The company kept track of this part of the project with barcodes and scanners.

Realize, however, that some aspects of every move are out of your control. Be persistent and it will pay off in the end.

Daniel G. Jacobs