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9:43am EDT July 22, 2002
If you’ve ever wondered just how good a manager you really are, the answer may be only a keystroke away.

Results Plus, an Independence-based firm that offers executive seminars, boasts a free online survey that will analyze your management style and offer tips to improve personal management practices.

While the site is great for a quick management skills analysis, it also acts as a marketing tool for the company and its services.

“It’s a substantial part of our whole marketing effort,” says Dick Zalack, Results Plus founder. “Essentially, (the survey) is one of the steps in the sales process. When a client says, ‘Send me more info,’ we direct them to the Web page.”

The survey, at www.resultsplus.cc, asks visitors to select a job category, then poses 30 true/false questions, such as “I work from a clean and organized desk,” and “I am confident in shifting responsibility to others.” Responses are tallied and the site provides both your management style and tips to improve it.

For example, if you answer “no” to “I let people do their jobs and don’t try to micromanage,” the advice reads, “Convince yourself that others can do the job well, too.” Furthermore, an “obsession with perfection can be a terrible waste of time and is very demoralizing to co-workers.”

Because Results Plus is also mining for prospects and providing a value-added benefit to its clients, after the analysis, you’re directed to descriptions of dozens of Results Plus seminars that address the management weaknesses you exhibit.

There are two types of seminars, says Zalack — those aimed at entrepreneurs and business owners and those designed for managers and staff members. All tackle such subjects as developing good management skills, tactical goal setting and decision making, desk management and dealing with stress.

But, Zalack says, even if you’re not looking for seminars, it’s crucial that, as a manager, you analyze your strengths and weaknesses so you can become an effective leader.

And the results will only be helpful if you’re honest with yourself. How to reach: Results Plus, (330) 225-1511

Courie Weston is an editorial intern at SBN.