What to look for in a general contractor Featured

9:43am EDT July 22, 2002
Choosing the right general contractor is key to any project’s success. Here are three issues to consider before you hire your project leader:

1. What similar projects has the general contractor completed? Look into the background of each bidder. Examine the quality of his or her completed projects and whether that person has experience relevant to the type of job you want performed.

These are issues important not only to the general contractor’s ability to get the job done, but also to the ability to assemble the right team of subcontractors to complete the project on time, on budget and according to your company’s needs.

2. What is their firm’s financial status? It’s a fair question. You should know the firm is going to be around for a while, especially long enough to complete the project. And before you sign any deal, determine whether it has liens against it for shoddy or incomplete work on previous projects.

If so, ask for an explanation and whether the project was eventually completed and the disputes settled.

3. How comfortable are you with the general contractor? Before you put the future of your company — and several million dollars — in someone else’s hands, you’ve got to be able to trust them and feel that they will produce a good, quality product.