A bean counter’s guide to the Net Featured

9:49am EDT July 22, 2002
Keeping up with your industry is always a challenge. If you’re in the numerically laced world of accounting, your firm’s needs are no different. But the World Wide Web is a valuable resource for keeping tabs on IRS rule changes and international accounting developments. Here are some sites worth checking out.

www.CPAontheNet.com — An online financial software and publications provider. The site also provides analysis and information about the latest products to make your employees’ jobs easier.

www.iasc.org.uk — International Accounting Standards Committee. News on standards, interpretations and projects. Information is updated daily.

www.ifac.org — International Federation of Accountants. The IFAC represents more than 2 million accountants worldwide and provides information on hot topics members deal with.

www.cpafirms.com — Bills itself as the largest online directory of CPA firm Web sites. If you’re looking for another firm in a different city, odds are if it has a Web site, you’ll find it here.

www.euro.fee.be — Euro Information Service. If your client’s doing business in Europe, he or she is no doubt dealing with the conversion to a one-currency system. This site offers guidance in understanding how the euro fits into your company’s overseas business transactions.