Diagnosis: Success Featured

1:26pm EDT June 22, 2004
Lexi-Comp president and CEO Robert Kerscher's goal is make his company the No. 1 source of clinical content in the markets it serves, while growing the business to $20 million in revenue with 20 percent operating profit within five years.

Now in the second year of the five-year plan, Kerscher believes the company will not only meet that goal but exceed it.

The Hudson-based medical publishing company provides leading-edge technology solutions to health care professionals through the development, maintenance and enhancement of information products.

Lexi-Comp was established to create custom reference books for clinical hospital laboratories and has since evolved into a major medical reference and custom publisher. Its primary areas of focus for health information content include pharmacology, diagnostic procedures and laboratory tests, natural products, dentistry, infectious diseases and patient education.

Thirteen of the top 17 hospitals, as ranked by U.S. News and World report, use Lexi-Comp's databases and technology. Its Lexi-Interact, a drug interactions product, received the highest rating among nine companies in a study published in the American Journal of Health-Systems Pharmacists. And it received the highest overall rating in an Ohio State University study evaluating five online pharmacology services.

The company is also attracting attention beyond American borders. With clients in 81 countries, Lexi-Comp was recently chosen by the U.S. Department of Defense to develop the Iraqi National Formulary, a critical element in rebuilding the medical infrastructure within Iraq.

Moving forward, Lexi-Comp is finalizing plans for adding 14,000 square feet to its facility in two phases, which includes adding as many as 140 staff positions. With the completion of both phases, it should be capable of supporting more than $40 million in annual revenue, according to Kerscher. How to reach: Lexi-Comp Inc., (330) 650-6506