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10:00am EDT July 22, 2002

With reference to the subject article appearing in the December 1998, Small Business News. I agree with most of your comments in this article, but differ on one item. You state, “Clinton landed a platoon of Marines on a beach in Somalia for a photo op.”

If my memory serves me correctly, wasn’t the Somalia operation a failed foreign policy attempt that resulted in the death of U.S. servicemen? I recently read that the White House improperly revised the troop’s mission from security guards for food shipments to a police action with the goal to arrest one of the war lords.

I would think the families of those who gave their lives at the order of the president deserve a more fitting comment.

Bruce A. Sidaway

Defending Starr

Read your article or tried to make it through the hogwash in Small Business News. Note, the premise is not for the small IQ or small-brained folks as your article suggests. Perjury cannot be excused by anyone and have a reasonable law binding system of government. Clinton, I agree should resign, but with folks like yourself suggesting “people are out to get him,” he is allowed to get off with the abuse he lays.

There is nobody obsessed or out to get this guy. That’s laughable. He is a bore and totally without a reasonable value system. Why would you minimize his crimes? You would not minimize my crimes if I were to act like the slick one. Nor just about any other with less seedy pasts.

This bashing of the independent counsel and the Republicans as witch hunting, etc. ... is worthy of disgust. Don’t kill the messenger. They are performing their roles admirably and within the laws. Why do you not hold the slickster scum of the U.S. under the fairminded reasonable guidelines of our legal system?

Sounds to me people like yourself are anti-American. Why else would you not want to rid the scum from the White House? He pollutes and should be gone. He is the poorest role model we have ever had in the White House. He is also undeniably a pervert.

Are you that mixed up about morality and what is important (things like trust and dignity and values) or immoral yourself?

Len Leber

Honor before impeachment

You cannot afford the letter space for me to rebut the dozen or so untruths and exaggerations offered by William Hoffman in your recent issue. Let me just suggest that at least Richard Nixon had the honor not to demand a rightful recount of the stolen election thanks to Kennedy and Richard Daley. He further had the decency to resign when found guilty of malfeasance.

The “creep” has neither honor nor decency. Are only “left wing hacks” available to you to engage to write a Washington column? Surely you can do better.

Charles A. Byrne
Cleveland Heights

A plea for equal time

If one wants excuses from liberals and convoluted logic to distort the facts about the worst president in American history, one need only to listen to network “news,” or to the Clinton News Network, a.k.a. Ted Turner/Hanoi Jane’s CNN. But evidently SBN remains unconvinced that William Hoffman’s nonsense is an insult to average intelligence, never mind a publication that seeks input from sharp minds in the business community. Why do we need lies that masquerade as opinion in SBN? I respectfully suggest that if SBN insists Hoffman’s bias fits the business agenda, then it should have an equal time balance forum for response, not just letters like this one. A political corner as it were. Otherwise, it would seem obvious that Hoffman’s column has a purpose other than for business at SBN, the First Amendment notwithstanding. Shall we redefine sex, lies and abuse of power, anyone?

Roger A. Kostiha, president
Cleveland Heights