Executive pop culture quiz Featured

10:03am EDT July 22, 2002

When you've got your head down, trying to build an ever-better business, it's easy to forget to occasionally look up and around at the outside world. That's simply forfeiting an important link to your customers.

We know keeping up is a problem; according to an often-cited survey by Jericho Communications, 53 percent of executives at the largest corporations think the Arch Deluxe is something that helps run a computer. (We assume that the top brass at McDonald's and Microsoft know better.)

Are you of the opinion that Barney and Power Rangers are still the hot kids' shows? As our own IS director is so fond of saying, "That's so last Tuesday." And, while we're on the subject, when did they drop the "M" from "MIS" anyway?

These are the kind of important cultural landmarks that help bind near-strangers together.

So are you able to converse at high bandwidth? Or do you still think that 28.8 modem is high bandwidth? To help you evaluate, SBN offers the following pop-culture quiz. Answers and scoring appear on page .

1. Abercrombie & Fitch

  • a. A national systems integration firm;

  • b. A formerly stodgy outfitter redefined as the "in" clothing store for anyone under 21;

  • c. The new cop show at 10 p.m. on Thursday;

  • d. A computer game starring a dog and a parrot.


  • a. The ancient capital of the Aztec Empire;

  • b. Upper Michigan's new Native American-owned casino;

  • c. The call to arms of the Y2K doomsday crowd;

  • d. A typographical error missed by our copy editor.

3. Po, Tinky Winky, Dipsy, Laa Laa

  • a. Baby-talking TV characters;

  • b. The moons of Uranus;

  • c. Spike Lee's new movie;

  • d. Bill Clinton love interests.


  • a. An ultra-crisp TV technology introduced 10 years ago;

  • b. An ultra-crisp TV technology coming to stores this holiday season;

  • c. An ultra-crisp TV technology coming to stores soon;

  • d. An ultra-crisp TV technology that will probably never arrive in stores.

5. Crosspad

  • a. Telecommuting software;

  • b. Neck support exclusive to Brookstone stores;

  • c. New science fiction thriller;

  • d. Pen-based computer entry device.

6. You Don't Know Jack

  • a. The last thing your ex-marketing manager said before being escorted to the door;

  • b. An interactive online game show that is threatening to become more popular than Wheel of Fortune;

  • c. Computerese for the unmarked plugs on the back of a high-powered server;

  • d. The result of a brand-extension, by "I Can't Believe It's Not Butter," into non-dairy cheese.

7. Altoids

  • a. A muscle group;

  • b. A mountain range;

  • c. A candy;

  • d. A computer game.

8. K

  • a. Super-efficient programming language;

  • b. Hot, new fashion magazine;

  • c. Pseudonym of a best-selling author;

  • d. Upstart fast-food chain.

9. Lolita

  • a. Literary movie remake that may never see U.S. distribution;

  • b. Reference to activities in the Oval Office;

  • c. Code name for Microsoft Office 2002;

  • d. Next-generation underwater remote explorer.

10. Lara Croft

  • a. Founder of CyberGen, a hot new-tech IPO;

  • b. Antique furniture line currently spiralling in value;

  • c. Computer-game heroine;

  • d. New-wave music group.