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10:04am EDT July 22, 2002
This is a comment on an article in the August issue's Cutting Edge section on recruiting ("You can find your next star employee online"). I found it interesting, but a little disheartening that your writer chose not to explore local Internet recruiting resources to compare against the "nationals" like MonsterBoard, OCC (which was not mentioned), NationJob, etc.

CareerBoard (www.careerboard.com) is a regional site dedicated to Northeast Ohio companies and candidates, which has opened the entire Internet recruiting strategy to a wider audience. No longer are the postings simply concentrated in the high-tech arena. CareerBoard has listings from administrative assistants, marketing, sales, health care, human resources, engineering, management executives and more.

The great part for local companies is that they do not have to worry about relocation costs. The Internet is a worldwide medium. We have taken this great technology and applied it to a local audience that is reaping the rewards of talent right here in Northeast Ohio.

In the month of July, the site had approximately 450,000 hits and 20,500 visitors. Currently, 175 local companies use CareerBoard. All services are free for candidates. Features include job postings, company profiles linked to their Web sites, online resumes, a job notification feature and career events.

Denise Geisler, director