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10:54am EDT July 31, 2002
Readers' responses

Last month's introduction of SBN Magazine's revamped format was met with numerous responses from our readers. Here are just a few of the letters we received.

"Great new look for the magazine. I love it!"

John R. Di Julius III
President, John Robert's Hair Studio & Spa

"Boy is your magazine looking great! First-class."

Dianne Myers
President, Marketing With Vision

"Love the new format on the magazine -- looks like a keeper to me."

Kelly Jones
Eckart America

"Just got my copy of SBN Magazine and all I can say is WOW. I remember the magazine when it was in its infancy, then in adolescence, teen-age years and now fully grown. I am IMPRESSED. This is big time stuff and I am so pleased. Best regards."

Jeanne Bluffstone
President, Jeanne Bluffstone Public Relations

"Just finished reading the new SBN in the new format. WOW!!! It is so much slicker -- and cooler -- than I expected. You and your design team are to be congratulated."

Bruce Hennes
Hennes & Associates LLC

And last month's editor's column brought this response:

I'm a big fan of SBN and will continue to be an avid reader of the publication.

However, I'm disappointed that you chose Power of Networking as the title of your recent column without providing any relation to "the" Power of Networking event that took place in Cleveland a few weeks ago. I'm not sure if this was merely a play on words, but the timing was definitely off.

This event, hosted for three days, was one of the most successful networking events for black professionals ever promoted. What I found more disappointing is the lack of coverage that was provided by the local media.

Where was SBN? I'm quite sure there are number of small businesses that are also minority-owned that would have liked to see SBN provide some coverage. I'm one of them. George Fraser, president of Frasernet was able to pull off something that most people could not have done.

As a small business owner, friend, and client of Mr. Fraser, you have to give credit when it's due.

Next year, the Power of Networking event will take place again and will be even bigger than before. I hope to see SBN in the crowd.


Frederick Johnson

President, Ross-Tek


* A story in July's SBN on luxury cars incorrectly listed the president's name of Stoddard Imports. It should have read Hans Wichter.

* A list in June's SBN on executive golf handicaps incorrectly listed the title of Barnes Wendling's Mike Pappas. Pappas is director. Jeff Neuman is president and director of Barnes Wendling.