Ups and downs Featured

12:30pm EDT September 27, 2002
(Ups) to NEOSA. Its initiative to foster internships at regional technology and software firms is a powerful first step in the fight against brain drain. Locking up industry leaders like Athersys CEO Gil Van Bokkelen and Polymer Concepts CEO Chris Callsen to co-chair the initiative puts strong business leaders on the front lines of this much-needed effort.

(Downs) to Philip Goldstein. The dissident Brantley Capital Corp. shareholder isn't playing fair in his all-out mission to oust Brantley CEO Robert Pinkas. Goldstein's recent distribution of proxy materials to shareholders compares Pinkas' reign as CEO to that of scandal-ridden business leaders such as former Enron CEO Kenneth Lay and Martha Stewart. Whatever happened to power battles waged on concrete facts and executive records as opposed to unsubstantiated allegations and shareholder fears?

(Downs) to NCS Healthcare. The Beachwood-based company in July agreed to a merger with Genesis Healthcare Ventures while spurning the tender offer of another suitor, Omnicare Inc. Now, as Omnicare pursues legal relief in its battle to acquire NCS, the situation is turning into yet another ugly takeover fight involving a Northeast Ohio company seemingly on its way out of town.