Ups and downs Featured

6:32am EDT March 28, 2003
UPS to Scott Wolstein. The chairman and CEO of Developers Diversified Realty Corp. made a bold move during a down economy when he acquired REIT competitor JDN Realty of America for $1 billion in early March. The purchase makes DDR the nation's largest owner of open-air shopping centers and provides the younger Wolstein with a strong legacy of his own.

DOWNS to everyone engaged in the battle over the location for the proposed convention center. Despite a lack of concrete evidence to back up the contention that if we build it, they (visitors to Cleveland) will come, this is the best opportunity the city has had in years to make a true commitment to develop the waterfront.

UPS to law firms that are shortening their names. There was nothing quite like waiting on the phone and twiddling my thumbs while receptionists rattled through three, four and sometimes five names before finally asking, "May I help you?" Now if we can just get them to stop saying "incorporated," "corporation" and "company" on the phone as well.

DOWNS to Gov. Bob Taft. While he had the moxie to drastically slash the state budget because legislators wouldn't work with him, he cut more than $1 million in business grants that could have helped state-based companies spur job creation and generate much-needed funds for the Ohio economy. After watching him for several years, we have to ask, "Does this guy even know what he's doing?"