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First impressions Featured

10:32am EDT April 26, 2006

For Equity Consultants LLC, a privately owned mortgage company in Richfield, it wasn’t enough to use its new communication program, ECTV, to reach employees. The company wanted to make an impression on visitors, as well.

While ECTV, a closed-circuit television program, highlights company statistics, announcements and training resources inside, the system is busy welcoming guests outside.

In the company’s parking lot, computerized monitors are posted in front of each visitor parking space. Each monitor bears the name and appointment time of the day’s visitors.

“We do a lot of recruiting, we have a lot of appointments with investors, some direct customers, and for us, every part of the visit, every part of the experience, is important,” says Goran Marich, president and CEO of Equity Consultants. “We want to make sure that every visitor, every prospective employee feels like this is a unique place, they are a unique person. So those signs play into that.”