Turning the corner Featured

6:12am EDT June 29, 2006
Mike Broderick started Turning Technologies in 2001 after recognizing the potential of response technology.

Originally intended for use in schools, response technology gives students the ability to immediately respond to questions posed by the teacher and for the teacher to see the results. Broderick saw application beyond schools, but also knew the technology needed to be made affordable.

His vision was to develop and market group response products that would positively affect education and productivity in significant and measurable ways.

The company used several unique approaches to make this vision a reality:

  • Compatibility with existing software. The company’s software integrates with Microsoft PowerPoint, so while competitors offer stand-alone proprietary software, Turning Technologies’ software adds an easy-to-use toolbar right into Power Point that enables interactive communication with a class or audience. This eliminates a learning curve, allowing users to be up and running in minutes with minimal instruction.


  • Better hardware. Turning Technologies’ hardware replaces bulky, delicate and expensive keypad devices with a simple yet durable device that is the shape and weight of a credit card-sized calculator. Range and communication speed were also increased.


  • Better affordability. The company also broke the affordability barrier. The current list price on the K-12 classroom system for 32 students is $1,483. Before Turning Technologies’ system, a competitive system sold for $8,000 to $10,000.

Turning Technologies’ unique approach and mass-market pricing has allowed it to access new channels of distribution. Large educational publishers, technology companies and other distributors have begun distributing the product. Its business is nationwide and is starting to be international as well, with revenue from Canada, Mexico, UK, France, Belgium, Australia, New Zealand and the Middle East.

How to reach: Turning Technologies, (330) 746-3015 or www.turningtechnologies.com