Metal master Featured

6:21am EDT June 29, 2006
Terms like “high performance” and “culture of recognition” aren’t always associated with metal manufacturers.

Steven Demetriou, chairman and CEO of Aleris International, is changing that.

Aleris International is a manufacturer of rolled aluminum products, and a global leader in aluminum recycling and the production of specification alloy. Aleris is also a leading recycler of zinc and a manufacturer of value-added zinc products that include zinc oxide, zinc dust and zinc metal.

The company, located in Beachwood, was formed from a 2004 merger between Commonwealth and IMCO. Demetriou wants the company to have a philosophy based on high performance, motivation and recognition.

Aleris went from a net loss of $14.9 million in 2004 to a net income of $74.3 million last year.

The company’s progress has been the result of Demetriou’s focus on developing a strong management team coupled with a dedicated, highly capable global work force committed to the company’s core values. These values include emphasizing data-driven decision-making, solving today’s problems today and the relentless pursuit of productivity improvement.

While growth has been a major focus in 2005, Demetriou has also emphasized a company-wide implementation of Six Sigma designed to drive data-rich analysis of company operations while transforming the work environment and culture so that improvements are sustainable.

The company’s accomplishments in 2005 not only generated immediate benefits, they strengthened the company’s potential for further growth and sustainable earnings. Aleris is already on the move. In the first quarter of 2006, the company announced its intent to acquire the $1.8 billion business of Corus Group, a UK-based global metals company, which would increase Aleris’ revenue to around $5 billion and give it approximately 8,800 employees.

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