A giving legacy Featured

7:00pm EDT November 25, 2008
Ever since Thompson Hine LLP wasfounded in 1911, the law firm hasmade it a point to put community service as one of its focal points, andManaging Partner David Hooker helpssee that that’s still true today, nearly acentury later.

One of the ways that the firm helpsthe community is by providing bothfinancial support and pro bono legalservices. Recently, the firm wasinvolved with The Legal Aid Society ofCleveland as well as its lawyers working as court-appointed counsel incases varying from race discrimination to child advocacy to criminal matters. Thompson Hine has also participated in pro bono work regarding significant public policy issues. Many ofthe firm’s lawyers have counseled andrepresented clients who couldn’t otherwise afford representation, including a variety of the area’s homelessindividuals.

In addition to its pro bono work,Thompson Hine is also a partner withHarvey Rice Elementary School. Thefirm established this relationship in1997, and the partnership has continued to grow over the last decade. Thefirm’s lawyers and staff members tutorchildren and are also active in givingholiday gifts, donating clothes, providing attendance incentives, recognizingacademic achievements, and sponsoring educational and artistic programs.

On top of these programs, the firmalso has a volunteer program within theoffice that provides both emotional andfinancial support for American troopsin Iraq. As part of this program, employees create boxes full of various items tosend to men and women overseas.These boxes contain items such asbooks, DVDs, candy, socks, fans, andinspirational cards and letters.

Lastly, while the firm is very giving ofits time and effort, it also gives financially. Thompson Hine has a long history of financially supporting importantcauses. For instance, after HurricaneKatrina, the firm donated $100,000 tothe American Red Cross to supportrelief efforts. But it doesn’t just give toimportant causes around the countryand world, it also gives locally, as well.Last year, the firm was one of the toplocal supporters for the United Way ofGreater Cleveland as it raised morethan $300,000.

HOW TO REACH: Thompson Hine LLP, (216) 566-5500 orwww.thompsonhine.com