Helping people Featured

7:00pm EDT November 25, 2008

Charles Ciuni founded his business in1973 with the idea that it would helpclients create economic value both intheir work and in their lives. But inorder to do that, Ciuni needed to buildmore than just a reputable accountingfirm.

Ciuni & Panichi Inc. needed to be aplace where employees would giveback to their communities and feelgood about doing so. More than threedecades later, Ciuni’s employees havegone above and beyond his expectations in helping their fellow man inNortheast Ohio.

Firm members are encouraged to volunteer time — both during work hoursand in their own personal lives. TheSusan G. Komen Northeast Ohio Racefor the Cure is just one of the manyevents in which Ciuni team membersgather together to help others.

Employees also step up when the holidays arrive, collaborating to collect newly purchased gifts, clothes and groceries for large families with more than10 members to make their seasons justa bit brighter.

The firm looks at a potential employee’s initiative for volunteerism and his orher willingness to be active in the community. An employee-driven committeehelps ensure that colleagues are awareof upcoming events and regularlyresearches new opportunities where thefirm can offer a helping hand.

By instilling the idea of service to others at every level, it becomes part of thelifeblood of the organization. It maintains the firm’s ideal that people arewhat make things happen and shape thefirm’s identity.

Creativity, enthusiasm, positive goal-setting and personal development areencouraged in every aspect of the firm’soperation. Rewards are based on thelevel of effort an employee puts into thetask at hand and the value that this effort ultimately creates. Thus, when anew effort was conceived to help thelocal food bank, more than 11 employees had stepped up to help box packages of food more than a month beforethe event was even to take place.

The firm donates more than $20,000annually to more than 50 local organizations, clear evidence that Ciuni’s wishhas come true: Giving back to the community is an organizational priority atCiuni & Panichi.

HOW TO REACH: Ciuni & Panichi Inc., (216) 831-7171