‘Briter’ days ahead Featured

7:00pm EDT January 26, 2009

When you’re done reading this story, Ed Aghajanian would probably like to know what you’re going to do with this magazine.

Sure, the paper it’s printed on is recyclable, but have you also considered that there may be another use for it? At EZ Brite Brands Inc., the Westlake manufacturer of more than 40 soaps and cleaning products for the kitchen, the emphasis on sustainability is just as much about reusing and reducing as it is about recycling.

Not only are all of EZ Brite’s products manufactured from natural, sustainable, food-safe materials, but the company has put the same expectation of environmental friendliness into every aspect of its business. In tight economic times, Aghajanian has repeatedly asked the question, “Why would I waste anything?” At EZ Brite, employees don’t even have the option of throwing something away, as there is no Dumpster. Packing popcorn from incoming shipments is stored and reused. Green-thumbed employees take home coffee grinds for composting. Leftover boxes are reused or donated to a local nonprofit operation for its shipments. The shelves in the company plant were constructed from leftover materials of the business next door. Even mistakes at EZ Brite are reused, as the company will donate safe products that don’t work out just right to charitable organizations or to landscapers who can put them in power washers. The driving force is to eternally find another use for what used to be considered waste.

Eliminating waste and focusing on reusing materials isn’t just a motivational driver at EZ Brite because it’s the hip thing to do, the company is also enjoying the fiscal benefits. Here’s just one $12,000 example: The company purchased blending tanks from another local company looking to scrap them. Rather than letting them sit in a dump,EZ Brite was able to purchase them and return them to use, all while saving $12,000.

Going forward, EZ Brite is hoping to continue its organic growth — the company has already built up to 11 employees — the natural way. And that natural way begs the question once more: What are you going to do with this magazine?

HOW TO REACH: EZ Brite Brands Inc., (440) 871-7817 or www.ezbritebrands.com