At the click of a mouse Featured

7:00pm EDT January 26, 2009

When Roll-Kraft Inc. went down the list of ways to make a greener culture, it checked off the usual: switch to energy-efficient light bulbs, turn down heat after hours, trade in gas-guzzling company cars, and discourage the use of plastic foam and paper cups. And then, it went one step further.

In efforts to cut paper consumption, Roll-Kraft eliminated printing all sales materials, magazines and brochures and moved to an electronic quoting process for product shipping. These days, clients and potential customers of the Mentor-based tube, piping and equipment manufacturing company are directed to the company’s Web site for updates and information.

Emphasis on the Web site isn’t only an environmentally friendly idea, though. Roll-Kraft is using it as its link to the world and has seen success. As Roll-Kraft continues to transcend U.S. borders and evaluate its place in the global market, Charles Gehrisch, the company’s president, hopes to make time zones irrelevant with technology. By delivering information through one format, Roll-Kraft’s objective is to better serve its existing clients while attracting more customers anytime, anywhere.

To spruce up its online image and accessibility, Roll-Kraft hired a webmaster to make the site easier to navigate from a global perspective. The vamped up image makes it easier to access information and employees, such as the inclusion of an “Ask the Tech” feature.

The site continues to be a work in progress as Roll-Kraft looks for ways to grow and meet customers on a cultural level. With representation in 10 countries, customers in 50 countries and the possibility of soon extending its operations past the U.S. and Canada to Eastern Europe, Roll-Kraft is analyzing ways to incorporate the global reach throughout the entire company, including its marketing, product and employee bases.

As an effort to better serve customers, that global employee focus means hiring in-country personnel to manage Roll-Kraft facilities, hiring bilingual employees, training existing employees in a second language and researching customers’ customs. To stress an even greater emphasis, this year, Roll-Kraft expects to add an international account manager to help polish its approach to the global marketplace.

HOW TO REACH: Roll-Kraft Inc., or (440) 205-3100