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1:10pm EDT June 28, 2005

For many entrepreneurs, the decision to leave corporate America and begin a small business is reached after months or years of financial analysis, research, internal debate and soul-searching. For Lori DeVore, however, the decision was made in the span of a phone call.

In 1991, DeVore was working for Kelly Services as an office automation specialist, training people in Microsoft Word and WordPerfect, and placing them in computer-based jobs. At night, she taught courses in computers and technology at Solon Schools Adult Education program.

So it was a shock when, one afternoon, DeVore found herself discussing computer training with Ken Green, president of the Cleveland office of Grubb & Ellis, a commercial real estate advisory firm. Green had been in one of DeVore's adult education classes and was so impressed with her knowledge and teaching skills that he asked her if she could train his employees. She agreed.

He asked for her company name and her training rate, which DeVore decided on the spot. And with that, DeVore Technologies was born.

That unconventional beginning shaped DeVore Technologies' approach to business. DeVore did not grow her company by plan; she grew it by listening to the wants and needs of her customers, and by following them where they wanted to go.

Today, DeVore Technologies has trained more than half a million people in computer technologies, and has branched out into other areas, creating new software applications, hosting Web sites, building and maintaining networks, and contracting specialized personnel. For DeVore, it's understanding and delivering what customers want that keeps DeVore Technologies on the path to success.

How to reach: (440) 232-3846 or www.devore.com