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7:27am EDT June 29, 2005

When Gary Taylor founded InfoCision Management Corp., an Akron-based telecommunications company, he never wanted it to be the world's biggest; just the world's best. And through an inventive quality control strategy, he's on the way to making that happen.

Under Taylor's leadership, InfoCision developed the Q3 quality assurance system, designed to gauge the performance of communicators -- employees making telemarketing calls -- and to assure clients that calls are up to standards. Communicators are monitored at least once every 20 minutes, across three levels.

Supervisors are the first level of evaluation. These team leaders provide monthly evaluations for each team member based on a standard quality skills assessment form, grading communicators on everything from tone of voice to keystroke volume.

In-house analysts also evaluate communicators. As former communicators themselves, these on-site employees have a keen understanding of the job and what it takes to be successful. Analysts evaluate each communicator twice each month, taping the calls. Then they meet with the communicator, replay the tape and give a detailed assessment.

Finally, independent quality assurance analysts provide monthly evaluations for each communicator. These analysts are trained to understand the preferences of a specific client, and evaluate based on those preferences.

To ensure fairness and a standard level of assessment, all analysts are evaluated as well. Once a month, each analyst is given the same taped call to evaluate, and their comments are compared for consistency and accuracy.

Through this advanced and innovative Q3 system, InfoCision's employees receive continuous feedback, and, when necessary, personalized training and coaching to ensure clients have the highest quality service. And it has paid off.

Today, Taylor's company is the third-largest privately held teleservices company, and the dominant telemarketing company for religious fund-raising projects, nonprofit fund-raising projects and political and nonprofit volunteer recruitment projects.