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1:21pm EDT August 31, 2005
When chairman Gary Taylor founded InfoCision Management Corp. in 1982, most people hadn’t heard of the term “telemarketing,” and most organizations had no idea how to use this technology to help them raise or make money.

Twenty-three years later, the Akron-based company is the third-largest privately held teleservices company in the world, employing more than 2,800 people. With 2005 sales projected at $140 million, InfoCision raises more money for nonprofits over the telephone than any other company and provides teleservices for Fortune 1000 companies.

“We’re just looking for all those new opportunities that are emerging out there, and ... as the world gets more complex and the means of communication (increase), there are more opportunities, and we’re looking and exploring all those avenues,” he says.

One of those avenues led Taylor back to his alma mater, The University of Akron. Last year, Taylor and his wife, Karen, partnered with the university’s College of Business Administration and donated $2.5 million to launch the Taylor Institute of Direct Marketing.

The Taylor Institute will occupy 30,000 square feet and house two small business incubators, lecture halls, classrooms and interactive environments including a call center and creative, database marketing, fulfillment and multimedia labs.

Back at headquarters, InfoCision employees developed and implemented a standard-setting quality assurance system, and each day more than 100 full-time information technology professionals create customized applications for clients.

“One of our big competitive advantages is our blended system where we can take an inbound call and blend that with an outbound call,” he says. “It’s a real high-tech solution that gives us a productivity advantage over our competitors.”

Successful CEOs foster an environment that gives employees the freedom to take chances. Taylor encourages his employees to submit ideas for the best ways to save the company time or money, with the opportunity to win money and the company’s Working Smarter Award.

“Encourage people to not be afraid to fail,” he says. “I never get concerned because somebody makes a mistake. It’s when they make the same mistake over and over that I begin to get concerned.”

HOW TO REACH: InfoCision Management Corp., (330) 668-1400 or www.infocision.com