Hacking for a good cause Featured

11:40am EDT December 1, 2011
Hacking for a good cause

Have you ever thought, “I’m kind of a hacker, I should probably use my evil powers for good”? Have you ever thought, “I should probably learn more about hacking because I do computer stuff and should know more about security”? Now, have you ever thought, “I wish I could do all that and help feed people less fortunate than I am”? Well now you can! Introducing the First, (hopefully annual), Hack for Hunger Challenge sponsored by Hurricane Labs.

We decided to put together one of our “famous” hack challenges and actually try to do some real good beyond just educating folks. The rules are basically the same: You bring your tech skills plus $20 or 5 cans of food (ALL money and food raised goes to benefit the Cleveland Food Bank), and you get to hack on our pre-built infrastructure and gain points and even win prizes for those who come in first, second or third. Prizes will be donated by Hurricane Labs and the proceeds will not be used to provide prizes. Teams or individuals are welcome. Pizza and beverages will be provided.

So you don’t want to hack but still want to help? A little scared because we used the word “hacker” here?  Come on down. We like spectators too, both because they like to learn and they can donate as well. A donation is not required to watch the festivities, but would be appreciated.

Register, Come, Give, Learn, Hack, Enjoy!

Visit www.hackforhunger.com for more details and instructions on how to register

Hack for Hunger

December 14, 6:30 p.m.

Hurricane Labs in Independence