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Eight rules for management Featured

7:26am EDT June 29, 2006
Rebecca A. Morgan, president of Fulcrum ConsultingWorks, has been observing manufacturing operations for more than 15 years and has come up with eight rules for manufacturers, which can also apply to any company.

1. Obliterate false divisions. Unlock the doors between the production areas and the front office, and keep them open.

2. Create seamless shift changes. Create a checklist of important information that all shifts need to know as part of the shift-to-shift handoff.

3. Keep a clean house. An unkempt factory sends a message about the work environment to employees: that management doesn’t care about the customers or the product.

4. Listen to all employees. Management must acknowledge employee requests and communicate back to them with status reports.

5. Recognize individuals. Each of us has a basic need to feel like we belong and to believe we are valued.

6. Find the frustrating fixables. Find the one or two things that frustrate your employees the most and fix them.

7. Define success. Having metrics to measure performance will be lost if employees don’t understand how they relate to them.

8. Require a written summary for changes. Bring a disciplined thought process for change by requiring that proposed changes be outlined in writing by defining the goal, how it will be implemented and criteria to evaluate success.

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